Freedom instead of coercion:
World première of the „PatVerfue“ video with Nina Hagen

The ci­nema Mo­vie­mento in Ber­lin is burst­ing at the se­ams.

More than 200 people have come to the world pre­mière of the Pat­Ver­fue ci­nema com­mer­cial hos­ted by the As­so­cia­tion of Psych­ia­tric Sur­vi­vors of Ber­lin and Bran­den­burg on Tu­es­day night (01/31/2012). Among the mo­vie­go­ers is, as an­noun­ced, the in­ter­na­tio­nally known star, Nina Ha­gen. Sur­roun­ded by ca­me­ras, she eagerly awaits to see for the first time on the big screen the Pat­Ver­fue com­mer­cial, in which she her­self played a ma­jor role.

Nina Ha­gen sur­pri­sed the au­di­ence with a huge bush of curly hair crow­ned by a bright red lac­que­red cap with the mes­sage of the Pat­Ver­fue:

In­sane? Your own choice!

So the sin­ger and ac­tress re­ve­als at first glance what it is all about here: the right to self-determination. Each year more than 200,000 people in Ger­many are for­ci­bly de­tai­ned in psych­ia­tric hos­pi­tals and gi­ven com­pul­sory tre­at­ment for al­le­ged „the­ra­peutic“ re­a­sons as a re­sult of ar­bi­trary psych­ia­tric „dia­gno­ses“. Fur­ther­more, in Ger­many there are cur­rently over 1.2 mil­lion people who are de­pri­ved of their rights to self-determination by a court-ordered „cus­to­di­anship“. De­s­pite this se­rious vio­la­tion of hu­man rights and di­gnity which, ac­cor­ding to the UN Con­ven­tion on the Rights of Per­sons with Disa­bi­li­ties, is a crime, the num­ber of as­saults is still in­cre­a­sing.

Hu­man di­gnity is in­violable? That is now the case: With the Pat­Ver­fue!

For 62 years the con­sti­tu­tion was in force but only in the last year the Ger­man Su­preme Court re­co­gnized that the torture-like com­pul­sory tre­at­ment ex­pe­ri­en­ced by the vic­tims of psych­ia­try are in­com­pa­ti­ble with fun­da­men­tal rights - which are them­sel­ves hu­man rights“ says René Tal­bot from the As­so­cia­tion of Psych­ia­try Sur­vi­vors Berlin-Brandenburg. At the be­gin­ning of his in­tro­duc­tory speech he ex­plains to the au­di­ence the history of the Pat­Ver­fue, the cle­ver ad­vance di­rec­tive.

The Pat­Ver­fue uses the pos­si­bi­lity to for­bid in ad­vance me­di­cal ex­ami­na­ti­ons as ex­pressly al­lo­wed in the 2009 law on ad­vance di­rec­tives. By preven­ting un­wan­ted psych­ia­tric dia­gno­ses, the trap­door to psych­ia­tric de­pri­va­tion of rights as well as hu­mi­lia­tion and abuse, is le­gally clo­sed.

Yet few know about this „glo­bal re­vo­lu­tio­nary“ op­por­tu­nity to pro­tect one­self from im­pri­son­ment, as­sault and tor­ture by co­er­cive psych­ia­try using the free, one-paged PAD: the Pat­Ver­fue. That is the re­a­son for this broad-based cam­paign to in­form ci­ti­zens about their rights, star­ting with the pre­mière of a com­mer­cial.

Dim the lights, roll the film!

Ex­ci­te­ment, shock, re­lief - the nearly two mi­nute non-profit com­mer­cial puts the au­di­ence at the pre­mière in a roller-coaster of emo­ti­ons. When in the com­mer­cial the nude couple dancing in the street is for­ci­bly led away by the po­lice and co­er­ced into psych­ia­tric tre­at­ment, ou­trage spre­ads in the au­di­ence. But then the film rewinds and sud­denly, thanks to the Pat­Ver­fue, it has a happy en­ding: with the com­ment „Next time put on some un­der­wear, OK?“ the po­li­ce­man lea­ves the scene, pro­vi­ding for spon­ta­neous cheers and ap­plause. All those in­vol­ved in crea­ting the com­mer­cial, the ac­tors and the crew of the film pro­du­cer, then come onto the stage and are also warmly ap­plau­ded. This com­mer­cial was spon­so­red by „Ak­tion Mensch“ and made on be­half of the As­so­cia­tion of Psych­ia­try Sur­vi­vors Berlin-Brandenburg.

While all par­ti­ci­pants re­ceive a bou­quet of flowers, Nina Ha­gen re­a­ches for her gui­tar and sings the song „Er­mu­ti­gung“ („En­cou­ra­ge­ment“) by Wolf Bier­mann, this being the ap­pro­priate mu­sic for the eve­ning.

Übergabe der Urkunde an Nina Hagen

Nina Ha­gen is the pa­tro­ness of the Pat­Ver­fue

Nina Ha­gen, who is not only a wit­ness to se­rious hu­man rights vio­la­ti­ons as an ac­tress in the com­mer­cial, but also pri­va­tely has fri­ends who were „for­ci­bly abu­sed by psych­ia­trists,“ no­ted that „it was a very per­so­nal mat­ter to point out that there is now a new law and that people can pro­tect them­sel­ves with the Pat­Ver­fue against the en­croach­ments of the psycho-industry!“ Be­fore the as­sem­bled au­di­ence at the pre­mière, with the ce­re­mo­nial pre­sen­ta­tion of a cer­ti­fi­cate in XXL size, Nina Ha­gen is of­fi­ci­ally na­med as pa­tro­ness of the Pat­Ver­fue. She ex­pres­ses her thanks with a song and ad­mits: „I had goose bumps when I saw the com­mer­cial, and over and over again whe­ne­ver I see it.“ Be­cause twice as many vi­si­tors came as could fit into the au­di­to­rium, the com­mer­cial is un­ce­re­mo­niously shown again for an­yone who had to re­main outs­ide du­ring the first scree­ning.

Shortly the­reaf­ter the pre­mière of the com­mer­cial is also an­noun­ced on the new Pat­Ver­fue web­site, and there ever­yone can watch it as of­ten as they want*. On 5 Fe­bru­ary in a ci­nema in Bo­chum a se­cond pre­lude was ce­le­bra­ted and it is now shown in over 50 ci­ne­mas in Ger­many.


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